1 work you are doing is extremely important on the desktop , the computer suddenly your close itself off unexpectedly. How much merit and time to go to the fruits and forget to save is very bitter.

Your computer sometimes turns off. This phenomenon repeated many times, making it impossible for you to do anything, the hardware on your computer is suddenly interrupted many times, resulting in failure and replacement of the new device.

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So what is the cause? And how to handle THAT?

Thanhbinhpc would like to share with you 6 ways to resolve computer conditions that are suddenly abruptly below:

1. CPU speed is the leading cause for the computer to automatically shut down

First, do the following test:

You turn on the computer and do not run with any software, monitor whether the device is turned off. If so, it may be due to one of the reasons below. If you turn on any program on your computer, it is because your computer has an error because the CPU runs to a certain speed, then your computer will be turned off.

Please monitor cpu at the same time the machine is turned off with tmonitor software.

To monitor the entire system and power supply to the computer, use the CpuID software HWMonitor.

To fix this sudden shutdown of the computer, set the CPU to run at a permissible speed. Select Start Control Panel => Power Options => Change plant Settings => change advanced power settings => processor power management => maximum processor state.



Please compare the maxspeed value of CPU and the speed when the machine is off to have a specific number then set the Onbattery and Plugged in parameters below 100% as shown below.

2. Most machines turn off automatically because the CPU temperature is too high

The old computer case  has CPU temperature gauges, it will automatically disconnect when the temperature is too high to avoid damaging the computer hardware.

To fix:

- You download and install SpeedFan software. This software integrates with the control chip that supports users to monitor CPU voltage, temperature and fan speed. With this tool, you can view all CPU resources in use, thereby helping you to control CPU fan speed appropriately, controlling CPU temperature if too high, check parameters Power line of the computer is easy.

- Regular cleaning of the machine to prevent dust clogging reduces the heat dissipation capability of hardware devices. This work depends on your work environment to provide appropriate cleaning time.

- Check if the radiator fan is working properly or not, the impeller is stuck, broken or not, if it is, it should replace a new fan with the price of only a few dozen k.

3. Virus is the cause of many errors on the computer including the phenomenon of computer automatically turning off

Your computer may be spreading viruses through a variety of sources, such as connecting to an inter net, connecting to peripherals such as an external hard drive, usb, and being very susceptible to virus infection. So computers need a protection to avoid a lot of the harms it causes.

If you have a little condition, you should buy paid software to get the best support as well as fix the phenomenon of virus infection.

If you don't want to waste money, you can also use the best free anti-virus software to prevent viruses very effectively.

4. Your computer is loose

If your ram is loose, when you turn on the machine, it will not come up with a continuous beep sound, it is easy to identify. But when your ram is received at no time, turning on the computer is still running normally but at the next time it turns off this is because the ram foot is in bad contact with the main computer.

Please turn off the machine, remove the cleaning ram. Take the pencil intestine and paint it into the copper circuit of the ram leg, then plug in the ram and experience it. In the worse case your ram has been corrupted, it must be replaced by another ram to make your computer more stable.

5. Due to low power, the power is insufficient

Many people do not care much about the source of the computer when buying. After the process of use, it is necessary to upgrade the computer system so that it can be attached such as video card, hard drive, CD drive ... which leads to the situation that your power supply is not enough to supply all the resources of the computer. .

Try a higher voltage source and most importantly, the current must be stable. You can use extra power supply to keep your power source stable even if your home power is out, you can still use the computer for a long time and take the initiative to turn off your computer.

6. Due to the main board

Many cases when main is used too long, working in high temperature, sudden increase of electric current makes the capacitors on the motherboard suffer, long time rusted also causes the computer to be suddenly shutdown. Usually the machines with mainboard are very slow to start up. You should think about a new board alternative.

With the above information, Thanhbinhpc  hopes that you will have the most effective way to overcome difficulties.


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