A computer is a great thing - when it works. However, sometimes out of nowhere (without your own errors) there are some problems or errors, and you have no idea how to fix it. The error "msvcr100.dll is missing" is one of those problems. It's easy to fix, and I'll give you a few ways to do it.

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, and Windows has lots of .dll files. This error occurs when a Microsoft Visual C ++ file is needed by programs made by Visual C ++ and for some reason your system does not have it anymore.


The first thing you should try is to download the Visual C ++ package for your personal operating system.

This will replace the package you have on your computer, and nine times out of ten it will restore the file.

However, nothing can be predicted with a computer, so say it is not. The file is missing or corrupted, so you must manually replace or restore the file. You can get the file off the Internet, but definitely before it is a secure site.

Some websites have older or even corrupted files. A secure site that you can trust is dll-files.com .

It is a very simple website. When you arrive at the home page, there is a row of white words below the page about halfway through. Click M for msvcr100.dll .


To the right of the white text row is a search box, where you can enter a file name if you want to do it.



After that, you will go to the page where you can download the file. Look to the right of the page, and you'll see a long gray rectangle box; It will have "Manual Fix" in the upper left corner. This is a free download and will be in .zip format. At the bottom is a large button labeled "Download ZIP-File." Click it.


After clicking "Download Zip file", a box will appear asking what operating system you have (32-bit or 64-bit) as well as the file version. Choose your operating system, the latest file version and click it. When you do, a small download box will appear. Click it to download your file.

After you click Download, a dialog will pop up. Select the "Open with" option to open the file.

Msvcr100dll-zip-open-with-dialog box-box

Note : you will need a zip program for this sequel; I use WinZip. For the purpose of this article, that's what I'll use for screenshots.

When you click "Open with", you will be presented with an open WinZip box containing the file and the readme.txt file (which you can skip). Click the "msvcr100.dll" file to highlight it, and then click "Extract to".


When you click the "Extract to" button, you will use the msvcr100.dll file and place it where it is supposed to be on your computer. In this case, unzip your file into the "C: Windows System32" folder and copy it to the "C: Windows SysWOW64" file (if you have a 64-bit system) to add file to your computer.

You have now replaced / restored the msvcr100.dll file and all must be true for the world. If you still have problems, boot into Safe Mode and scan all malware / viruses.