DLL errors are some of the most common, frustrating, and complex errors to fix and resolve. Fixing a DLL error is rarely as easy as replacing DLL, something that I don't recommend doing even if it fixes the problem.

Fix the 6 most common DLL errors in Windows

Below is a list of the most common DLL errors that computer users are seeing right now with links to ease of implementation, step by step solutions that people can handle!

1. D3dx9_43.dll (D3dx9_43.dll not found)

"D3dx9_43.dll Not Found" and "D3dx9_43.dll is Missing" are often caused by DirectX errors. You will often encounter d3dx9_43.dll errors when starting some video games or advanced graphics programs.

2. Xinput1_3.dll (Missing Xinput1_3.dll)

The Xinput1_3.dl error is similar to the d3dx9_43.dll error, which I said above. This fix usually includes reinstalling DirectX or updating video, audio or game game drivers.

3. Hal.dll (Missing or corrupting Hal.dll)

Error "Missing or broken hal.dll" and other hal.dll errors as it is usually caused by the boot.ini or hal.dll file problems. This error message usually appears as "Windows cannot start because the following file is missing or corrupted - Windows root system32 hal.dll. Please reinstall a copy of the above file ".

4. Kernel32.dll (Invalid page error in Kernel32.dll)

"Explorer caused an invalid page error in the Kernel32.DLL module" is the most common kernel32.dll error message you will see. Error Kernel32.dll is usually caused by software programs that are accessing your system memory areas incorrectly.

5. Ntdll.dll (Unknown Hard Error Ntdll.dll)

In most cases, the ntdll.dll error is caused by software programs, not the operating system. Common error messages include "STOP: C0000221 unspecified error error SystemRoot System32 ntdll.dll", "Error NTDLL.DLL!" And others.

6. Ieframe.dll (Res: //ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm#)

The problem of Ieframe.dll is usually seen in one of two ways - "Res: // ieframe.dll / dnserror.htm #" or "File Not Found C: WINDOWS SYSTEM32 IGRAME.DLL" and can be caused by many different facilities Problems.