The concept of ghost win has become familiar to anyone with little knowledge of computers. Usually, when the ghost process is done, only the C drive is installed after installing Windows and the necessary software for the computer. If the computer fails or wants to reinstall the win, just extract the ghost file. Ghost file created by this way will only use with 1 computer and can not be used on computers. However, in order to create more convenience when conducting computer ghosts, with a ghost that can be used for many different computers, multi-configuration ghost was born. And to be able to create a multi-configured ghost, we can use software, including the SPAT software (System Preparation Assisted Tool). The following article will guide you how to create a multi-configured ghost with SPAT.

1. What is multi-configurable Ghost?

As mentioned above, the multi-configuration ghost is to create a ghost version that can be used on many different computers. We will proceed with the ghost drive C containing the operating system, then bring that ghost file to use for many different computers.

A multi-configuration ghost created from a computer with Win works well, stable, there are basic software that can be used for many computers. When we use this ghost version, the Win version will be modified the system parameters to meet the hardware of the ghost installed machine, the driver is recognized and installed the information through the All Main driver attached. Ghost configuration will save time when we do not need to create many different ghosts.


2. How to create a multi-configured ghost with SPAT:

First, we need to download some of the following software to create a ghost version:

  • Download Onkey Ghost software 
  • Download driver update software  Easy DriverPack (Wandriver).
  • Download SPAT (System Preparation Assisted Tool) support creating multi-configurable ghost file.

Note to users , SPAT create a simple multi-configuration ghost file but only create ghost for Win XP and Win 7 32bit. You should create the ghost after installing Windows and the necessary software, limit installing too much software.

Step 1:

First, copy the folder WanDrv_5.32 to the C drive directory containing the operating system.

Copy the folder to drive C

Then right click on SPAT software to select Run as administrator to run as administrator. At the software interface, click on the  General tab  and then  uncheck the line in Rename computer's name,  enter the  computer name .

General tab

Step 2:

Next click on the Interface tab, we will follow 2 items:

  • Run before mini-setup: you set the path to the * .exe file of Wandriver folder in the C drive.
  • Run in deployment: we can add compressed files of software and automatically extract compressed files after completion.

Interface tab

Step 3:

Click on the Desktop tab , follow the following items:

  • Run at frist time: set to specify 1 software to run after booting into win.
  • Deleted Folder: find the folder WanDrv_5.32 in C drive to automatically delete after the ghost is finished.
  • Deleted file 1: Enter C: Driver because after ghost is finished, it will automatically create the Driver folder, when it is entered, it will automatically delete.

Desktop tab

Step 4:

Go back to the Gerenal tab and click Sysprep to get started. This process took a long time.

Click the Sysprep button

After completing, open OnkeyGhost to backup the ghost version. We choose the path to save the ghost file , choose a drive other than the operating system drive on the computer.

Select the compression mode Highest and click Yes to proceed with the backup. So the ghost process will take place.

Backup the ghost on Onekey Ghost

So you have created the multi-configuration ghost with SPAT software. With this ghost we can use it on Win XP and Win 7. 

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I wish you all success!