Ghost configuration is the process of creating a computer with Win operating system full of the necessary software, optimized for a computer, then create a multi-configuration ghost file from the operating system just created to extract ghost for many computers. This will save time compared to having to reinstall win with many other software. Currently there are many software that supports creating multi-configurable ghost files, like the SPAT software (System Preparation Assisted Tool) that we have introduced to you in the previous article. However, SPAT will only ghost Win 32bit only. If so, you can use EasySysprep to ghost multi-configuration software from Win XP to Win 10 on both 32bit and 64bit versions.

1. Prepare the software before ghost:

Before proceeding to create multi-configurable ghost files, Win computers need to ensure the requirements include:

  • Win is installed from a CD / DVD / usb disk or from an ISO file.
  • Activate full copyright, optimize the system, turn off services that are not needed and leave only the necessary software for the system, avoid installing lots.
  • Clean up the computer system with software like CCleaner or Clean Master , defragment the hard drive .

Next we will need to download some of the necessary tools to create a multi-configuration ghost file.

1. Download the software Easy DriverPack (Wandriver) to update the driver.

2. Download EasySysprep software to create gile ghost. Latest version of Chinese language interface. Support 32bit and 64bit operating systems. 

3. WinPE to create ghost in WinPE environment. You can download Win 7 PE ISO using the link

4. Software creates usb-HDD boot in link

You download the file then unzip, click on the USBZL file to run. Then do as shown below.

How to create usb boot China

2. How to create multi-configuration ghost file:

Step 1:

First, delete the User login account on the computer to avoid error when ghosting. Right-click Computer and select Manage . Next click on Local Users and Groups and select Users .

Manage User on the device

Step 2:

Delete accounts on your computer leaving only Administrator and Guest accounts.

Delete users on the device

Step 3:

Right-click on the Administrator account to activate this account and select Properties .

Activate Admin account

Step 4:

Uncheck the account is disabled then click Apply> OK . Then restart the computer and then boot and access Administrator.

Restart the device

Step 5:

Extract 2 Wandrv and EasySysprep_4.3.28.599. Copy the EasySysprep_4.3.28.599folder to the C drive partition of the operating system and then rename it to EasySysprep.

Copy EasySysprep to drive C

Step 6:

Copy the software folder to update the Wandrv driver to the EasySysprep folder.

Copy WanDrv

Step 7:

At the C drive partition, click EasySysprep4.exe to run the software and click the Start button as shown.

Click the Start button

Step 8:

Fill in the user information, set the time zone and click Next . Follow the items in the picture.

Enter user information

Step 9:

Click Next to continue. Then plug in the USB boot to boot into WinPE.

Boot into WinPE

Step 10:

Click Next to continue.

Start booting into Win 7PE

Step 11:

Boot into Win 7 PE as shown below.

Win 7 PE interface

Step 12:

Access to C drive partition to run Easy Syspep.exe file on WinPE environment. Click the Start button .

Run Easy Syspep file on WinPE

Step 13:

Perform the detailed steps in the image. The Info section can be checked in the box to fill in personalization information, or uncheck the box if you don't want to personalize the information on your computer, depending on the user.

Uncheck the OEM image and choose to delete the PEM bipmap image , remove the checkmark in the Login image box .

In case the user wants to add an OEM image, click Select and navigate to the bipmap image file.

Click Next to continue.

Personalize information

Step 14:

In the Install Progam frame, scroll down below and then uncheck the check box at section 52, then click Next to continue.

Install Program

Step 15:

Next, if the computer is from Win 7 and above, you do not need to enter the key, Vietnam time zone, then select 205.

Next to the system deployment part of the system will have options including:

  • Frame 2 opens multiple images in turn in order. Select the number 2 and then click the square icon to open the background image folder in the C drive partition.
  • Check box 4 to open random images.

Set the screen resolution to default auto. The advanced deployment section selects the last line in the list. Finally click Next .

Keep track of the details in the photo to make.

Enter time zone information, wallpaper

Step 16:

Continue clicking Next .

Click Next to continue

Step 17:

Next in the first frame Auto driver Wandrv click on the square icon to add the installation file Wandrv.exe in drive C.

Open the file WanDrv.exe

Check the box to open Deivce Manager and delete the folder that has been extractedsuccessfully.

In the Run Time section, users can add .NET and DX9.0 items or skip.

In the other feature options frame, select 3 boxes as shown in the picture. Finally click Next .

Enter the information in the picture

Step 18:

In the Folder frame click on the box to add the EasySysprep folder in drive C will delete automatically after the ghost file is finished extracting.

Enter the EasySysprep folder

Click the Add word to put it in the list of deleted options. Part Apps add software to install, can be ignored.

Customize the software to automatically delete

The system deployment option selects the time to run Wandrv Driver, select the line 4 First-login and press Next .

System deployment

Step 19:

This interface will see a list of pre-installed software, click Next .

Software list

Step 20:

Click Next to continue.

Card list

Step 21:

Finally click Finish to proceed with the setup.

Click the Finish button

Select OK to agree to do so.

Click OK to set up

Step 22:

Next, proceed to the multi-configuration ghost on WinPE.

Ghost multi configuration

Select To Image .

Multi configuration ghost file

Select the highest compression level High in the table. Finally, you wait for the process to extract the completed ghost file.

Compression speed

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I wish you all success!