To change the network connection on a Windows computer, or edit a network connection error, we will open the Network Connections interface. This is the interface to manage all network connections on computers, including WiFi, wired network. So how will it be handled when the Network Connections interface is completely empty, does not appear any network management icons or items?

This phenomenon does not affect the Internet connection on the computer, you can still access the normal network. But things like disabling or enabling network connectivity, changing yourcomputer's IP address , and changing DNS on the computer will not work. So what is the way to fix the above error?

How to edit the white Network Connections interface

Empty, blank Network Connections interface error will be as shown below

The Network Connections error is empty

Step 1:

At This PC or My Computer icon on your computer, right-click and choose Manage .

Click Manage

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface and click on the Device Manage item in the list on the left of the interface.

Click Device Manager

Look at the content on the right to find Network adapters , then select the network card driver you are using, right-click and choose Uninstall to delete temporarily.

Delete the network card driver

Step 3:

Next, select the Scan for hardware changers icon  on the toolbar to detect the changes of the Device. Then the network card driver will automatically reinstall and the Network Connections interface will be displayed again.

Click Scan for hardware changers

With just a few simple steps we have overcome the network management interface error Network Connections completely blank, white. The network connection management, network settings on the computer will be displayed again for editing when needed.

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I wish you all success!