The current computer screen can be up to 4K resolution, so users need to reset the screen display mode to match. Because of changing the screen resolution, the icons will be corrupted by Custom Scale Factor Is Set. At that time the icons will expand at the highest, larger and look very fuzzy. To fix the above error, you need to change the screen settings on the computer. The following article will show you how to fix the Custom Scale Factor Is Set on Windows 10.

The Custom Scale Factor Is Set error on Windows 10 will display the message as shown below when you visit Display Settings.

Custom Scale Factor Is Set Error

Method 1: Change Display Settings

Step 1:

You right-click on the screen interface and select Display Settings .

Select Display Settings

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface and click on the Advanced Display Settings section .

Advanced settings

In the next interface, scroll down to the content below and click on Advanced Sizing of Text and Other Items .


Step 3:

We will then be transferred to the Control Panel interface. Click on Set a custom scaling level here .

Custom size

Step 4:

New dialog box Customize sizing options . Here click the drop down menu and select the size ratio you want and click OK.

Select the size ratio

Now the system will ask the user to exit the account and login again .

Exit account

Method 2: Fix errors with Intel HD Graphics card

If you use a computer with integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics card, this error may be caused by an Intel driver.

Step 1:

You right-click the screen and click Graphics Properties ...

Click Graphics Properties

If not, click on the Intel icon in the system tray and then select Graphics Properties ...

Click on the Intel logo

Step 2:

In the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel interface, click on Display display .

Select Display

Step 3:

Here we will click on the General Settings management group . Look at the interface next to the tick on Maintain Aspect Ratio in the bottom corner of the window. Select Next to Override Application Settings . Finally click Apply to save. We restart the computer for the change to be applied.

General settings for the screen


Method 3: Remove the utility from the manufacturer

Some manufacturers have built-in some additional software for 4K screens to get new managers, but accidentally cause an error on the screen. If so, users can uninstall the software to fix the error.

Method 4: Use the XPExplorer utility

Click on the link below to install XPExplorer tool on your computer.


Install XPExplorer tool

This tool will help users reset the original screen rate on Windows. After installation, restart the computer, then disable the Custom Scaling by clicking the  Turn off custom scaling option and signing out . Continue to restart the computer.

Fixed a bug with Custom Scale Factor Is Set

Above are the ways to fix the Custom Scale Factor Is Set on Windows, in different ways. First of all, please adjust the settings on the system, then install a third-party utility.