In order for the computer to sound, the device needs to install a sound card. The sound card will handle digital audio signals and convert them into signals to output external speakers. Most computers today have integrated onboard cards on the mainboard and perform the same function as the removable sound card.

However some people after installing audio drivers, or updating drivers to new versions often experience sound errors , such as loss of computer sound, volume errors on Realtek onboard sound cards. Although the sound is set to 100%, when connecting the headset to the computer , the sound is very small. The following article will show you how to fix audio errors on your computer.

How to fix Realtek sound card error onboard

Step 1:

Users access Control Panel and select Small icons display mode . Then click on the Realtek HD Audio Manager management section .

Sound management

Step 2:

New interface appears. Click on the Speakers tab , then click on the Room Correctionsection . Look down below, check Enabel Room Correction and adjust the frequencies to + 10db as shown below. You should not adjust it too high because it will break the sound. Finally press Ok to save.

Adjust the frequency

Thus, when reconnecting the headset, the sound will adjust to a loud level as usual, there is no small noise phenomenon like before. In addition, if necessary, we can install Sound Booster software , maximizing computer sound up to 500 times.

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