After updating to Windows 10 Creators Update update, many people found that RAM usage increased to 80% after at least 30 minutes of use. This is the memory leak in Windows 10 . This article will discuss all possible causes of memory leaks and how to fix them.

What is Memory Leak ( memory leak 

Basically, memory leaks are part of the RAM that a program marks as "in use" but does not actually use it. This happens when a program does not notify RAM Manager that has stopped using a RAM segment and it is empty for reuse. Therefore, Windows will not use that RAM even though it is empty. 

This problem leads to higher RAM usage although no program actually uses RAM. Such problems can occur with any program including Windows services, root applications, background processes, hardware drivers, and third-party applications.

Tip: Quickly fix memory leaks is to restart the computer . Since RAM is an unstable memory, it will be reset immediately upon restarting the computer. However, this will not help for a long time because bad programs will probably leak memory again.

Identify memory leaks

Windows Task Manager shows all running processes along with its resource usage. For most programs, Task Manager will be able to find the error process.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager and go to the Processes tab . Here the user will see all active processes with CPU and memory usage details. Click the Memorytab to sort the processes in descending order, the highest memory usage process will be at the top.

Click the Memory tab to schedule the process

Find a process that uses more RAM than usual, usually above 50% of the total RAM. However, please note that heavy programs like Photoshop or Chrome browser, Firefox (with many open sites) can "consume" a lot of RAM .

When you find a process that uses a lot of RAM, users can do one of the following:

  • If it is a third-party application, reinstall or reset it (if possible).
  • If it is not a third-party application, then right-click and select " Search online " to find a way to fix it.

Select Search online to find out how to fix it

Fix error driver

After upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update, the required drivers may not work properly on the computer. Therefore, users need to update old drivers . 

Update the driver manually

Press Windows + R and type in the Run dialog box to open Device Manager . Here expand all content and search for drivers with the yellow triangle icon next to it. This icon shows an old or defective driver. Right click on it and select Update driver software .

Choose to update the driver software

A wizard will open, here click Search automatically for updated driver software to update the driver.

Click to search for updated driver software automatically


Update the driver automatically

Users should use a third-party driver update tool because it can find old drivers that even Windows can ignore such as IObit Driver Booster software . This tool supports more than 400,000 types of drivers, especially for Windows 10.

IObit Driver Booster software

Just install the application and launch it. This program will automatically search and list all old and defective drivers. After that, you can click the " Update all " button to update them.

Boot clean (Clean Boot) Windows 10

Clean startup will be the process of disabling all third-party startup applications and background services to solve the problem. To know how to perform a clean boot on Windows, read the article  How to perform Clean Boot on Windows  10/8/7. 

Remove malware

A virus or malware can also increase RAM usage. Malware created to damage the system often prevents the use of RAM. The solution is very simple, using antivirus software . Users can use Avast Free Antivirus software because it is light and strong.

Antivirus software Avast Free Antivirus

Install Avast and perform a full system scan, it will find and delete all types of malware. In case of failure, you can also create an Avast Rescue Disk and run the scan while Windows is not working.

Remove adware (Adware)

Similar to malware, adware can also use RAM in the background. Adware displays ads when using programs, downloading and setting up these ads, which will use network and system resources, including RAM. The usual malware removal tools like Avast are not the best choice, users need a specialized adware removal program.

Adwcleaner is one of the best adware remover, will clean the computer with all adware and even unwanted programs using some RAM. Just scan your computer with Adwcleaner and it will find and delete all programs that are not required.

Memory leaks in Windows 10 are often caused by faulty drivers, especially network drivers. Users should ensure all drivers are updated and that no third-party applications are "eating" RAM.

I wish you all success! 

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