When you proceed to change the WiFi password to a password range that is difficult to guess but accidentally forget the WiFi password, for these cases users need to step back to reset the WiFi router. Or if WiFi has trouble, the connection is not stable, you can also apply a way to reset WiFi router. When resetting the router, the previous settings that you set will be erased and restored to their original state. Then we can perform custom actions of WiFi as we like. The following article will show you how to reset the WiFi TP Link modem.

Method 1: Reset button on WiFi router

First, find the correct reset button on the WiFi router. Usually the TP Link will be located in the range of modem ports. Use a small, sharp tip and press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds, when the lights are off at the same time, release your hand and wait for the restart.

This method may apply to all other modem manufacturers.

Press the reset button

Method 2: Reset on the modem configuration page

Make sure the router is turned on before proceeding to restart. The default login IP address is and, or http://tplinklogin.net/ for login and username, and the password is all set to admin.

Step 1:

Access to modem configuration page, TP-Link WiFi router and log in to your account.

Login modem configuration page

Step 2:

Access the path of System Tools> Reboot> Reboot and click OK to reset the WiFi Link TP router.

Reset the WiFi modem

In case you want to delete all settings and reset the TP Link router back to its original state, when you first purchased, click Factory Defaults> Restore to restart and reset the router's TP Link.

Restore the modem as new

Thus, after resetting the WiFi router TP Link any error issues, or forget the WiFi password will be solved, the modem will return to the default state. Now you can change your WiFi password if you want.

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I wish you all success!