Advrcntr2.dll error message Advrcntr2.dll errors may display several different ways depending on how it was created. Below is the more common advrcntr2.dll error that people see, with the most common advrcntr2.dll error: "This program requires advrcntr2.dll file, which is not found on this system." "The advrcntr2.dll file could not be found" “ADVRCNTR2.DLL MISSING” Most "advrcntr2.dll" errors are not found due to problems with the Nero CD and DVD burning software program. The advrcntr2.dll DLL file must exist in the correct directory for Nero to burn the CD or DVD.

How to troubleshoot Advrcntr2.dll errors in Nero

Cause Advrcntr2.dll error

Advrcntr2.dll error, usually "This program requires the advrcntr2.dll file, which is not found on this system." Error, caused when, for any reason, the advrcntr2.dll file is deleted or move away from its proper position.

The advrcntr2.dll file may be "missing" because it was accidentally deleted from the directory, because the antivirus program or other security program has mistakenly deleted it as a security threat or because of a problem when you upgrade or reinstall Nero.

How to fix Advrcntr2.dll error

Important note: No, in any case, download the advrcntr2.dll DLL file from any "DLL download page". There are several reasons to download DLLs from these sites is never a good idea.

Note: If you downloaded advrcntr2.dll from one of the DLL download pages, remove it from wherever you copied it and continue with the following steps.

  1. Restart your computer. The advrcntr2.dll error can be a disaster and a simple boot can clear it completely.
  2. Record the serial number of your specific Nero installation. The easiest way to do this is to follow the instructions provided by Nero on their Upgrade Center page. Once available, click Need to find the serial number? And follow one of the four methods.

    Tip: Can't find your Nero number using Nero's instructions? A product key search program can help.

  3. Uninstall Nero from your computer.

    Note: Be sure to uninstall by using the Uninstall Nero link in the Nero program group (if available) or use the program and features or Add / Remove Applet Program in Control Panel.

  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Download the Nero General CleanTool utility : [Direct Download Link]. Extract and run this free program from Nero. This utility will ensure that Nero is removed 100% from your computer.

    Tip: This file is in ZIP format. Extract it from within Windows or use a dedicated file decompression.

    Note: Nero General CleanTool is only guaranteed to work through Nero 8. Newer versions of Nero should be completely removed through standard removal methods in Step 3 but try using CleanTool if you want.

  6. Restart your computer again, to be safe.
  7. Install Nero from the original installation disc or downloaded file. Hopefully this step will restore the advrcntr2.dll file.
  8. Install the latest update for Nero program if available. There may have been certain issues in the original version of Nero that caused the advrcntr2.dll error you saw.
  9. Restart your computer ... again.
  10. Run a virus / malware scan of your entire system if the steps to reinstall Nero do not solve your problem. Some advrcntr2.dll problems are actually related to hostile programs masquerading as the advrcntr2.dll file.

    Note: The advrcntr2.dll file should be placed in the C: Program Files folder Common Files Ahead . If you find the advrcntr2.dll file in the directory C: Windows or C: Windows System32 , chances are it is not the legal advrcntr2.dll file of Nero.



The advrcntr2.dll error message may apply to almost any version of Nero installed on any Microsoft operating system that Nero is compatible with.

Advrcntr2.dll errors may also appear on computers that do not have Nero installed if the computer is infected with some other virus or malware.