Suppose in case you want to change your Windows computer password but forget the old password. Or suppose you want to log in to a user's computer .... You can easily use the command prompt to change the old password. Or if you do not want to ask for the support of Command Prompt, you can apply the simple way below to change the Windows password.

Step 1:

Right-click the Computer icon, select Manage .

Right-click the Computer icon, select Manage

Step 2:

At this time, the Computer Management window appears. Here you find and expand the Local Users and Groups section in the left pane and click Users .

In the right pane, you will see all user accounts on your system.

Expand the Local Users and Groups section in the left pane and click Users

Step 3:

From the right pane, find the user account you want to change the password for, then right-click it and select Set password .

select Set password

Step 4:

At this time, a warning window will appear on the screen if you change the password. Your task is to read through the warnings and click the Proceed button .

 Select the Proceed button

Step 5:

Set up a new password you want to use and confirm the password again. After you've set up your password, click OK to finish.

Set up a new password

Finally you can check by logging out, then proceed to log in again with the new password you just changed.

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Good luck!