There are now many forums to share with you the AIO Win suites, but often do not guide how to create them. Therefore, if you want to create an AIO Win kit with lots of Windows installers, TECHRUM today will show you how to make a Windows All-In-One installer most quickly and efficiently. WinAIO Maker Professional software . This software can run on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. 

Instructions for making Windows All In One with WinAIO Maker Professional software 

Step 1: Prepare the Windows installer to perform. In this article I only use Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 7 including 2 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Step 2: After having all the drivers installed, create an empty folder called AIO. Create subfolders to name the operating systems you want to create. Here I set Win 10 and Win 7


Step 3 : Mount the ISO files to the virtual drive, and copy each installer to the corresponding folder you just created



Download the extracted WinAIO Maker Professional software and run the setup file, the software runs immediately without installation

Note: You have to choose which version first, when you boot into Windows , it will display the screen to choose to install other versions of the AIO installer . 

Step 3: Select Select WIMs> find the install.wim file located in the source directory


Step 4: In the second install.wim option , you will select the order in which the installer will appear in the settings menu. For example after Windows 7 64 bit will be Windows 7 32 bit , Windows 10 32 bit , Windows 10 64 bit. The same way

If the ISO file has too many versions, you can use the Delete Image function as shown:


So that's it, we click Save all changes to save the changes


Dialog box, select No nhé

So complete, you turn off this software, we proceed to create ISO Win AIO. 

Step 5: Download the Win toolkit software to create ISO. Click ISO Maker

In the interface to create ISO file, there are 3 parts to note:

  • First browse to Win AIO folder , because here I choose Windows 7 x64 installer as default at first, so I will choose that folder.
  • The second Browse selects the path to save the ISO file.
  • Label section named labels for IOS.

Then select Create ISO to start creating:



That is complete. In addition, you can use the WinAIO Maker Professional software to export ISO file yourself :

Click Make ISO to proceed to export WINAIO file