Free Wifi distribution right on your Laptop. Even smartphones, tablets or laptops can connect to Wifi and access the Internet. Here are simple steps to guide you how to install free Wifi broadcast software right on your own Laptop.

I. Installing Hotspot to your computer

1.  Download   Wifi Creator to your device here and install.

2. Open Wifi Creator that you just installed, select Automaticconfiguration (automatic configuration).

You can use the default setting or change Hotspot settings by changing the new name and new password to 8 characters or more.

Install Wfi creator

  • Network name (SSID) : Wifi wave name
  • Network key: Password / password to access Wifi

3. Click "Set up and Start Hotspot" (set up and start Hotspot) to set up the process of creating an Adapter - the virtual network card functions like a real network card.

Select Wireless Network Connection

Select the connection type you want to create. The program provides various connection types, you choose Wireless Network Connection to share Wifi. After setting up, click Start to start the wifi playback.

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II. Install software to login


Step 1 :

Download the ARPMiner here for your device and install it. After installation is complete, start the ARPMiner to make sure Wifi Creator Hotspot is ready to work.

Make sure that when you turn on the Firewall , TekpSpot.exe is allowed by Firewall . In the test case, you can temporarily disable Firewall (firewall).

Step 2:

Go to the Users tab and create a new Hotspot username . Type in the name and password in the box below. Click Add / Update to add new users to the system.

Click Add / Update to add new users to the system.

Step 3:

Click on the Settings tab and then click on the NAT at the bottom to set up Internet Connection Sharing that you created with Wifi Creator before. If you create other settings, the ARPMiner will not work.

Click NAT

Make sure that the Internet Direct Adapter is set up as Public Network and V irtual WiFi Miniport adapter created by the hotspot is Private Network  . Click Save and then click on the Start button icon to start Wifi playback on the ARPMiner.

Step 4:

Open the computer on which you want to connect to the network and search for the Hotspots you created earlier, then proceed to the connection. The default SSID (Wifi Wave Name) is "My Hotspot" and the default password is "12345678".

Search Hotspot

In addition, other devices such as tablets or smartphones can also search and connect the Hotspots you have created.

Step 5:

On your browser, open a web page and navigate to the ARPMiner login page , you can search for any information you have created in the User tab that you did in step 2.

Log in on the Web site

Step 6:

After clicking Login , you will be redirected to the Session Information page. On the Session Information page will show you how long it will take to connect. After the connection time has expired, you will be sent to log in again.

Login again if time runs out

You can check the user status from the Session tab on ARPMiner , IP / MAC address , which username is in use and when the current version expires. To disable the login box, simply select Stop in the Settings tab .

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2. Microsolut

Step 1:

Download Microsolut here and install it, using Default Options (default option). Make sure Wifi Creator is still open and active.

Step 2:

Start the program. When the Login (login) window appears, simply select Login . The server username and password can be reconfigured later.

Step 3:

Click Setup (install / set) -> Web Server (Web server) on the left side of the Menu and drag down the IP Address section to select the address line "" and click Save.

Select the address line "" and click Save.

Step 4:

Go to Connections => Monitor and scroll down to the Adapter Name section , select Adapter created by Wifi Creator Hotspot software . You can check the name in the Network and Sharing Center section . Then click Save.

You can check the name in the Network and Sharing Center section

Step 5:

To quickly test your Hotspot again , Click Start Hotspot . If the popup Firewall window appears, click Allow.

Go to General => Accounts, a TEST user account will retry the configuration of the user using your network. To change the TEST user account options , then select Modify , enter any positive number in the "Expire in" box .

Enter any positive number in the "Expire in" box.

Uncheck Print Ticket and click Save.

Step 6:

Using a device that can connect to the access point, find the WiFi connection as in step 4 in the ARPMine section .

Open a web page in the browser, access the login page set to accept user TEST , check the box to accept the terms, then click Go.

Check the box to accept the terms, then click Go.

A welcome window will show your account limit, then wait about 5 minutes to browse before your account expires. Unlike ARPMiner , in Microsolut , 5 minutes is used to adjust the address MAC and you must wait until the MAC is removed from the settings window Test Access.

3. MyHotSpot

Step 1:

Download MyHotSpot here and install it. After installation is complete, you will receive a request to notify you to restart the computer. Make sure your Wifi Hotspo does n't work after restarting the machine.

Step 2:

Start the program and configure the Network (Network Configuration window) window , make sure that Automatic option is selected and choose Adapter that can connect to the Internet . Click Next.

Click Next

Step 3:

Enter a city name and country name in the next window. Then enter the username and password when requested and click Login .

Step 4:

Click on Edit -> Hotspot Configuration -> Access menu , then click on the blue Advanced settings section . Check the " Enable guest-login" (allow guest login), add an optional password, then click Close .

Check "Enable guest-login"

Step 5:

Similar to the above Hotspo t software , all you need is to use a device that can connect to the access point, such as another computer or tablet, smartphone ... to connect (remember to wear set to "MyHotspot" and the password is "12345678" ). Then proceed to open a default login site MyHotspot on the browser ...

Visit the Web site

Step 6:

Simply type in the username on the "Guest" section and the password to login. If you have everything set up as the steps, a successful login notification window will appear.

A successful login notification window will appear.

Good luck!