User / Pass login of some common modem lines, login address of modem management page

User / Pass login of some common modem lines
Log in to the modem management page, you can set up many information such as wifi name, wifi password ...

In Vietnam, most of the operators lend or give free modems to customers when registering to use the Internet, and the most used modem lines are: TP-link, Tenda, Dlink, TOtolink .... Each Modem has different login paths, the most common of which are 2 login paths: and most of all modems are used. Also, if you cannot access the modem home page path, you can flip the bottom of the modem to see the instructions. And often there are users who log in as well. 

And most of the login ways of modem lines are the same:

  • Enter the address:
  • User: admin
  • Pass: admin

In addition, you can flip the bottom of the modem again, there will usually be login parameters including the path, modem user password, as well as the wifi. 

Did you try many paths still do not know how to enter your wifi modem address?

  • Turn the modem over and see the information
  • Call the operator and ask
  • Search information of modem name on google

Currently some operators have no longer let the user / password to log in the path by default as admin / admin, so what to do to see. 
Often this login information is included in your contract, open the contract to view


Calling to the switchboard and info they will provide the password in case you have not changed your 

Modem that has been changed to another password and cannot be logged in? 
You must then reset the modem from scratch by removing the toothpick into the small hole behind the modem, then calling the switchboard to show them how to reset it. Is it possible to set up neither the modem provided by the network provider? 

How to access the link on the phone? 
It is possible to get into the same computer on your computer by enabling the Google chrome or Safari browser application to access and change, but most fimware does not support reponsive, so only the interface for the PC, then you need to zoom in to adjust

However, it depends on Viettel, VNPT, FPT network, the login information may be different or changed. If your home modem has been reset but still not logged in, you can refer to some User, password and management addresses of the following popular modem lines: 

iGate of VNPT 
User: admin 
Password: vnpt @ maduongday 
In which code Line is the number of your network line code recorded in the 

TP-Link Router contract:

  • User: admin pass: admin
  • User: root pass: root


  • User: root
  • pass: root


  • User: admin
  • password: admin


  • User: admin
  • Pass: admin

Yes Telecom
User: admin Pass: admin

Modem Planet 3100 :

  • User: admin
  • Pass: epicrouter

Modem Cnet DNAC804:
User: admin Pass: epicrouter

Modem Zoom:
User: admin Pass: zoomadsl

Modem Zyxel :
User: admin Pass: 1234

Conexant x3/x4 :

  • User: admin
  • Pass: zoom adsl

Aztech DSL 305EU/305E
User: admin Pass:

Modem Planet ADSL
User: admin Pass: epicrouter

User: admin Pass: admin

User:postef Pass:postef

Speed Com++
User: admin Pass: conexant

Billion ADSL Router:
User: admin Pass: password

Micronet ADSL Router:
User: admin Pass: epicrouter

Prolink ADSL Rounter:
User: admin Pass: password

Draytek ADSL Router
User: none (để trống) Pass: none (để trống)

user:admin pass:admin

LinkPro Or 
user: admin pass: epicrouter 

User: Admin Pass: conexant 

SpeedStream 5100 
user: username Pass: password